If a student is not reading proficiently by fourth grade, that student will have a 78% chance of never catching up.

A full 14% of adults in the United States, approximately 32,000,000 Americans, cannot read.

Because Literacy Matters in the Lives of Children

Literacy Matters is more than just a name. It is a deeply held belief that literacy does, in fact, matter in the lives of children. If we believe as a nation that every child must know how to read, then we have an obligation to ensure that those same children have the tools they need to become strong, lifelong readers. Literacy Matters Foundation will strive to provide early readers in need (PreK-3rd grade) with a copy of their own book and to provide the adults who impact the lives of those children with the resources to develop future readers.



January 26, 2017 Literacy Matters Foundation held their first fundraiser in Broward County, Florida. Those in attendance enjoyed a wonderful silent auction, as well as getting together with friends and meeting new friends who share this passion. Todd Zoellick, President of Literacy Matters Foundation shared exciting news with those in attendance about the many upcoming opportunities to make a difference in children's lives through Literacy Matters Foundation. If you want to help with our ambitious goals we welcome all donations.

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